We are incredibly excited to announce that our studio has been updated with a specialized, industry-leading HVAC system. The system uses cutting-edge technologies not currently found in many other yoga + fitness studios. The unique advancement will noticeably enhance the quality of your class experience.

This premier equipment not only improves the overall quality of how your classes will feel, but it has many proven health benefits for you, setting us apart from many other yoga + fitness facilities and providing you one truly exclusive experience.

The new HVAC enhancements include:

  • Air Sanitization System [UV-c Light Disinfection + Bipolar Ionization]
  • Modular Indirect Fired Furnaces
  • Green Energy Recovery Ventilator [ERV]
  • Custom Smooth Air-Flow Diffusors
  • High Capacity Steam Humidifiers

An especially exciting component of the new system is the Air Sanitization technology, which continuously cleans + sanitizes the air you breathe within our studios. This innovative technology produces negative ions, which have been proven by research, including studies performed by the National Institutes of Health [NIH], to deliver the following health benefits: 

  • Kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold species, and pollen 
  • Help regulate sleep patterns + mood  
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost immune system function
  • Increase metabolism of carbohydrates + fats

We cannot wait for you to experience all of the positive benefits in your classes!

In addition to our new HVAC + Air Sanitization system, we’ve listened to your feedback over the past months and have made some additional upgrades throughout the studio that we are also very excited for you to see! 


**Please review the new studio guidelines + policies outlined below to best prepare for class looking ahead!**

We cannot wait for you to join us in class again. We’re strongly committed to creating an environment that not only IS safe, but FEELS safe for as many as possible. We remain dedicated to the safety + well-being of our students, teachers, and community. We are embracing this opportunity for change and will continue to deliver you the very best yoga + fitness experience.

WE ASK THAT IF YOU ARE ILL, HAVE A FEVER, OR ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OTHER SYMPTOMS AT ALL ASSOCIATED WITH COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME. We reserve the right to ask any student to refrain from taking class, whether indoor or outdoor, if they appear to be ill, unfit for class, or are not abiding by our current guidelines. If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of attending class, please notify us immediately: so we are able to take the necessary steps to respectfully alert others you may have been in contact with.

Cleaning + General Studio Details

Additional cleaning measures + precautions are being taken before + after classes and each time equipment is used. We are also upgrading our [already stringent] daily cleaning policies to ensure our studios remain extra squeaky clean for you. All disinfectants being used follow the CDC/EPA recommended guidelines.

Hand sanitizer stations will be found throughout studio, with usage requested upon entering front studio doors, as well as upon entering/exiting studios before + after class.

We have replaced many items throughout the studio with automatic/touchless versions to eliminate touchpoints. Hand dryers have been replaced with automatic paper towel dispensers. Manual soap dispensers have been replaced with automatic soap dispensers. All trash bins will now be touchless.

Please be respectful of others, noting different comfort levels at this time. Attempt to maintain a “safe” social distance.

Classes + Student Experience

Pre-registration is required for all indoor + outdoor classes. Both indoor + outdoor classes will continue to be offered.

Indoor class sizes will be limited and floor markers will be used for mat placement to maintain social distancing.

At this time, please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class and exit the studio space immediately following the end of class to allow adequate time for cleaning and to minimize overlapping traffic between classes.

Please sign-in for class at the front desk when you arrive.

Equipment will remain available for classes [i.e. YOGA SCULPT, TORCH] and thoroughly disinfected following usage. If you feel more comfortable, you are always welcome to bring your own equipment.

Class times have been spaced to allow for more cleaning time and minimize overlapping traffic between classes.

Masks will be optional for all and remain your decision to wear for class. We respect all decisions and ask that you always do what makes you most comfortable.

Classes will be hands-free, and teachers will not offer hands-on adjustments in class.

We will no longer provide towel or mat rentals at this time. Please bring your own mat and/or towel to use. Otherwise, we will have some mats + towels available for purchase.

Our locker rooms + shower facilities will be available for use. We ask that you please be respectful of others’ space while using the locker room + showers and try to maintain a “safe” social distance. 

New Attendance Policies

If you are unable to attend class, please be sure to cancel your registration up to 4 hours prior to class starting to avoid a late cancellation fee.

If an indoor class is full, you can opt-in to a waitlist. If you are put on a waitlist for a class, you will be notified via email and/or text if you score a spot due to any cancellations. We definitely suggest getting on the waitlist, as there is a good chance you may still get into class!

Late Cancellation Fee Policy: Due to indoor class sizes being minimized/capped for social distancing, a $15 late fee will be charged for students with Unlimited Monthly Memberships OR a class will be deducted from your Class Package for all indoor class cancellations made within 4 hours of class start time.


Please reach out to us via email if you have questions about the new studio updates and guidelines or if you just have general questions.

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