Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

What to Expect

Passionate about blending strength training with yoga? Have you always wanted to teach Yoga Sculpt? Interested in taking your yoga + fitness journey to the next level? This program is made for YOU!

Experience over 50 hours of training from a rockstar team of highly trained and seasoned professionals, where you will learn how to teach a safe, authentic + FUN Yoga Sculpt class.  During the training, you will learn our signature LH sequence to use in teaching an effective and dynamic 60-minute + 45-minute Yoga Sculpt class, yoga basics, yoga philosophy, speaking, music, marketing, and more! Plus, get ready for a whole lot of teaching! We will prepare you to ultimately teach your own community Yoga Sculpt class by the end of training! Whether you hope to teach following your training or not, this is a life-changing and uplifting experience you won’t want to miss. 

Not only will you acquire a LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training certificate, but the rewards of this training go far beyond paper. Get ready to amplify your voice, embrace leadership skills, boost personal empowerment… and MORE.

Program Dates

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training begins Wednesday, October 4th and will run through Sunday, November 12th.


Week 1 Intensive

Wednesday, October 4th: 7:00-8:30 pm

Saturday, October 7th: 12:00-6:00 pm

Sunday, October 8th: 12:00-6:00 pm

Week 2 – Week 6

Saturdays from 12:00-3:00 pm

Sundays from 12:00-3:00 pm


*Friends + Family Class: Sunday, November 5th

*Community Class: Sunday, November 12th

Meet Your Teacher Training Team

Lindsey r


Lindsey is the Owner and Founder of LIGHT HOUSE Yoga + Fitness with a passion for Yoga Sculpt and helping others live their best lives.

She completed Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in 2015 and immediately embarked on a teaching career at multiple studios across the Twin Cities. She finished her 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training soon after, further deepening her expertise.

Driven by her mission to uplift, her dedication to spreading the benefits of yoga and igniting the “light” in others led her to open her own studio. LIGHT HOUSE opened in 2019 and quickly became a beacon of positivity, offering a sanctuary where movement, music, and community serve as medicine for the body, mind, and spirit.

Lindsey is thrilled to introduce the very first Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at LIGHT HOUSE. With an all-star team and a meticulously planned program, she is excited to deliver a transformative and premier experience that will enhance your life and leave you feeling confident and stronger than ever before.

Lindsey’s biggest piece of advice:
If you’ve ever felt even the slightest nudge inside to do teacher training, DO. IT. Whether you hope to teach, are just looking to deepen your knowledge, or aren’t totally sure, I can’t express how positive and life-changing this experience is. It won’t necessarily be easy, but I can assure you, it will be worth it. 



Vanessa began her teaching journey at the of 16 when she first embarked on Yoga Sculpt teacher training through CorePower Yoga in 2012.

Upon certification, Vanessa began teaching right away and furthered her knowledge in the next couple of years with 200-hour Power Yoga teacher training, where she deepened her understanding of anatomy and sequencing effective and safe yoga classes.

Vanessa has continued to teach Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga classes through the years, and previously assisted in leading Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga. 

Vanessa can’t wait for the new opportunity to help lead the first-ever Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at LIGHT HOUSE Yoga + Fitness. She particularly looks forward to sharing her accumulated knowledge of safe and effective workouts, and helping you to find your unique voice as you step onto your teaching mat!

Vanessa’s biggest piece of advice:
We’ll learn the basics of teaching a great yoga sculpt class together, but the secret sauce to any class is…. YOU! There is no one perfect teacher, but instead – great teachers who all maximize their strengths, and feel free to giggle through their weaknesses. We’re all human.



Jaime is delighted to be a part of the esteemed LIGHT HOUSE Yoga + Fitness’ Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training program. Her teaching journey started in 2019 at the beautiful age of 37, demonstrating that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passion.

Upon obtaining her Yoga Sculpt certification, Jaime discovered her home at LIGHT HOUSE. In the transformative year of 2020, she seized the opportunity to further enrich her skills by completing her 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training certification online. Since then, she has adeptly led various yoga formats, including Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga at LIGHT HOUSE, revealing her enthusiasm for yoga instruction. She is eager to apply her passion and expertise, imparting the wisdom she has gained to others, in alignment with the adage, “To teach is to learn twice,” by Joseph Joubert.

Jaime’s biggest piece of advice: 
Always remember what initially drew you to yoga. Every individual is a unique gift, brimming with talents meant to be shared. She encourages others to recognize the strength, both mental and physical, that lies within and to trust the transformative process. Yes, You Can.

Dr. Nick Alenov

Anatomy Expert
Guest Speaker

Dr. Nick Alenov is a chiropractor who specializes in Applied Kinesiology and other neuro muscular wellness therapies. Some of these include: (MYK) Myo-kinesthetic System: (RPR) Reflexive Performance Reset; Dural and Facial Release work; and (SRT) Stress Release Therapy. 

Applied Kinesiology allows Dr. Alenov to harness 20+ years of clinic experience and dozens of therapeutic techniques into a singular focus, finding the root cause of each patient’s condition or symptoms.  Dr. Alenov believes that proper movement is an essential component to healthy living and has recommended yoga practices to hundreds of his patients.

He currently resides in the St. Croix Valley area with his wife, two teenagers, and two dogs.  He is an avid wellness guru, snowboarder, jet skier, lover of nature and an excellent cook.


Yoga Philosophy Expert

In 2014, Sam rekindled her passion for yoga and her dedication quickly transformed into a desire to share yoga’s magic with others.

She completed her 200-hr Power Yoga Teacher certification with CorePower Yoga in 2015, followed by a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in 2016. Her journey included a second 200-hr training in Hot Yoga, continuous education courses, and meditation retreats across the country. Sam is so grateful and appreciative of all her experiences + training with CorePower and throughout the country, but she has never been happier teaching than she is at LIGHT HOUSE Yoga + Fitness. In her own words, “This place is just… so special.” Sam teaches a range of different yoga classes, but her heart is in the world of restorative yoga. 

Samantha’s biggest piece of advice: 
Please let go of the idea of perfection to make room for having FUN. Especially with Yoga Sculpt, if the teacher is having fun, the students are too! Refining your words and sequences will only come with time and practice, and there will be little bumps along the way but that’s part of it, so don’t be hard on yourself! Finally, you are meant to be here. Don’t give imposter syndrome a moment of energy. Exactly where you are right now, is exactly where we all started and you have everything you need to share the gift of yoga with the world, already within you.

Questions + Answers

I'm Unsure I Want to Teach. Is Teacher Training Right For Me?

Yes! Whether you are brand new to Yoga Sculpt or a long-time fan, LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training is created to enhance your knowledge AND your life! We will teach you all the fundamental tools you need to either deepen your practice or start on your journey to sharing Yoga Sculpt with others! All trainees will have the opportunity to earn a LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training certificate, but if you don’t feel drawn to teach at this time, that is no problem! Our program is still highly encouraged, as it will further your knowledge, deepen your own practice, and strengthen your voice + confidence, among so many other benefits!

What Is the Time Commitment?

You’ll get nearly 40 hours of IN-PERSON training time over a total of 6 weeks and 12 sessions together. Training will meet mostly weekends and run from the first week of October through mid-November (you’ll have your LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training certificate just in time for Thanksgiving!) Outside of class time, some homework will be required in addition to taking a minimum of 10 Yoga Sculpt classes and completing 3 class observations, for a total program time of over 50 hours.

How Is the LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Different From Other Training Programs?

At LIGHT HOUSE, you will receive a premier training experience from our top-level team. Our LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training program is extra-special because you’ll receive more in-person training time to hone your skills. We believe one of the most important things you can do when learning to teach is… TEACH! And in-person teaching and feedback will be a key focus of your training, to help you continue to grow both personally and professionally. We also provide more time and access for you in person to answer questions and learn – we want to give you the tools to not only teach the BEST Yoga Sculpt class, but we want to truly hone and highlight your personal strengths to help you be your most confident YOU! Plus, you’ll have TWO opportunities to teach a Yoga Sculpt class to our LIGHT HOUSE community alongside your fellow trainees. We will get real and touch on topics not always covered in other training programs. You’ll also have exclusive access to our Anatomy Lecture presented by expert Dr. Nick Alenov, which is a unique + incredible opportunity for you to learn and grow that we are honored to provide you as part of your training!

What Is the Cost and What Am I Getting?

If you are a LH Unlimited Monthly Member, we’re offering training to you at a discounted price of $1,119. If you are a non-member, the program cost is $1,399 which includes unlimited classes during your training time. A non-refundable $100 deposit is due at the time of sign-up to secure your spot and contributes towards your training fee. Payment will be due in full on or before Tuesday, October 3rd. The cost of training will get you over 50 hours of training and access to our highly experienced and knowledgeable LH training team that will give you all the skills to confidently teach a Yoga Sculpt class. You will also receive an LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training learning manual, unlimited mentorship access, in-studio practice time, and additional perks and assets to help deepen your knowledge and further support your personal and professional growth!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Absolutely! We want to work with you to make sure your dreams of being the next Yoga Sculpt teaching superstar come true. Email to discuss. 

Do I Have to Be a Current Yoga Teacher to Take This Training?

No prior experience is required to take our LH Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training! Our program was specifically created so that all experience levels, whether brand new to Yoga Sculpt or avid Sculptors can thrive! 


$1399 – Non-Members (Includes unlimited class access during training)

$1119 – Unlimited Monthly Members


$100 down payment is required to secure your spot in this limited-seat program that contributes towards your training fee. (Down payment is non-refundable.)


Payment is due in full on or before Tuesday, 10/3.

Flexible payment plans are available. Please reach out to discuss a plan that will work for you.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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