New to Light House

What to Expect

The first time stepping into a new studio can be intimidating, and we totally get it – because WE have been there too! We want you to know we are here to fully support you on this awesome journey + can answer any questions you may have. 

Remember: we ALL started somewhere and just getting through those front doors is the hardest part! We encourage you to just show up… We can help you through the rest. You’ll find a bunch of helpful detail under our Class Info page, and we’ve put together a few additional tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. 
  • Classes are practiced barefoot.
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel, + water bottle to class. Don’t have it?  NO WORRIES!  For your first class, these are on us. 
  • We recommend starting with our suggested, beginner-friendly classes + working your way up!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or trainer questions before + after class! We are eager to help + want to make your experience as positive + enjoyable as possible.
  • ABOVE ALL: Always do what feels good for YOUR body. What feels good for one person may look + feel completely different for another, and that’s ok! Honor your body + where you are at today.

Brand New to Yoga?

Join us every Sunday morning for a beginner-friendly LIGHTFLOW class!

Great Beginner-Friendly Classes

These are the classes we recommend as a good starting point for beginners, though they are amazing for any level! Of course, you are always welcome to start with any class that you feel best suits your needs + schedule, but here are our suggestions if you’re unsure where to start:


Our LIGHT vinyasa flow focuses on alignment + synching breath to movement. Deepen your breath + body connection by holding postures for longer periods of time, and additionally flow through a beautifully and intelligently sequenced class.


It’s time to tune in, stretch + CHILL. This juicy class will help you restore, recover, and recharge mentally + physically. Take a break from your day or regular practice with a class that will RELIGHT body + mind and leave you feeling completely refreshed.


Some like it HOT. Set your SOUL on FIRE with our exclusive version of Hot Yoga. This *very* heated class mixes traditional static Bikram poses with periods of vinyasa flow + movement to detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate body + mind. 

First Week $25

We offer all new, local members their first week for $25!  Sign up now for 1 week unlimited to start trying our classes + experience all of the awesome benefits our classes, team + studio have to offer!

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